A little about us

Monty has been in the construction industry for over 20 years, with a focus on building custom homes for the last 15.  

Monty understands how personal it is to build you a home. Sixteen years ago he designed and built his own home which has grown from being a home for his newly-wedded self and wife to a home filled with his three sons and daughter – and various pets of all shapes and sizes over the years. He knows what it means to dream about and create a home perfect for the present and the future.

On top of his 20 years of experience, Monty was born and raised in the Grand Valley and chose to raise his own family here. He’s built homes across the Valley and has experience helping customers navigate the ins and outs of city and county codes.

He takes pride in the relationships he builds with customers throughout the building process and after your home is complete. He recognizes the huge investment of money, time and passion that each family gives to a project of this size and scope.

Monty will listen carefully when you talk about your needs and priorities. Your daily routines, style, energy needs and plans for your future will shape every decision Monty makes with you – every step of the way. Creating your new home will be a journey of discovery determining who you are and what you want.

Monty’s promise of craftsmanship without compromise hasn’t failed a customer – or his own family.